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And a Host of Other Great, Benefits, too.


Searching for the ideal career choice that offers both, a unique, exciting experience and excellent income? Perhaps, the US Army is the perfect place for you.


After all, where else would you gain such extras as exceptional discipline and self esteem, optimum motivation, and unmatched leadership skills? What’s more, in the US Army, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with people armed with the same determination and drive as yours, share many challenging and exciting experiences, and develop strong lifetime bonds of friendship with them.


Here’s a brief overview of what you could expect from a US Army job in addition to the opportunity of earning excellent income.


Excellent income packages

The US Army offers extremely attractive pay packages and fringe benefits that make it an attractive proposition. With on-base expenses significantly discounted, you’ll find a major part of your salary still in your wallet.


Unmatched job security

Irrespective of global recession or its effects on the nation’s economy, your US Army position and pay will be guaranteed and unaffected. That’s the kind of job security the US Army offers.


A helping hand in education

Whether it’s paying for your college tuition fees during your enlistment term, or for earning a degree in college before or after your enlistment term, the US Army will meet a significant percentage of the costs involved for both.


Comprehensive healthcare

In the US Army, you can benefit from exceptional, healthcare and a variety of insurance packages during and after your term of duty. What’s more, you’ll also gain access to credit unions of the armed forces where you’ll be advised on the best ways to invest the money you’ve earned.


When you combine the excellent income packages that the US Army offers with all the other attractive, benefits that go with it … what more could you expect?


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