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The United States Army has developed many different ways in which soldiers can perform better while they are in combat. Among the many different ways in which soldiers will be able to perform their jobs better is to have the right structures available to them. These structures may be used to house equipment or to create defensive elements. It is the job of the combat engineer in the US Army to construct these structures even during extreme circumstances.

Job Restrictions

This career is one of the few which is still restricted to only men. This is due in part to the extreme nature of the duty. It is also in part because of the strenuous physical activity which is expected of those who work in the position. Even among men, the job is restricted to those who are able to prove that they can perform under pressure and can withstand working in extreme physical environments.

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Training for Your Career

When you work as a combat engineer, you will skip the basic training everyone else goes through. Instead you will go through a specialized training known as One Station Unit Training. IN this training lasts for 14 weeks and includes all of the elements you would normally find in basic training and advanced training rolled into one exhaustive training program. You will train in a variety of different environments using different methods. To learn more about this exciting and necessary career, click on the link above.

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