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Exciting Career as a Signal Support Systems Specialist

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The United States Army operates in every country throughout the world as needed. The soldiers that serve may be very far away from base operations for extended periods of time. All of this necessitates the best possible communication at all times. The battlefield is one of the most important places for good communication. The job of the Signal Support Systems Specialist is to maintain the support systems and the terminal devices necessary for good communication while in the field.

Training for Your Career

When you work as a Signal Support Systems Specialist in the US Army, you will need to undergo specialized training. You will go through basic training in addition to eighteen weeks of advanced training. You will learn how to maintain, install and troubleshoot problems for the communication equipment. You will also be able to install lines and wire systems in order to expand as necessary.

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Personal Benefits

The great thing about being enlisted in the United States Army is that you will be able to access different personal benefits like educational benefits, low or no-cost medical and dental benefits. You will even have access to low-cost life insurance plans. Best of all, you will still have access to a retirement benefit alongside a 401(k) type savings program which will allow you to retire with the knowledge you will be taken care of. Click on the link above to learn more about your future in this exciting career.

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