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For new recruits entering the US Army, special training and preparation for military service is the first step. Training for these new recruits is referred to as Basic Combat Training (BCT). This training program is designed to totally immerse the new Army inductees into their new role as soldiers in the United States Army and and teach them its way of life.

To ensure consistent appearance for Army soldiers and to meet rigorous grooming standards that the Army expects its recruits to follow, uniforms are issued while all civilian apparel is conviscated. All males have their heads shaven. In most cases, females are not allowed to shave their heads but are required to keep their hair off their shoulders and collars. Inductees are issued a service number, a rifle, and other standard issue equipment. After recruits are settled in, basic training begins.

US Army Basic Combat Training is designed to push recruits both physically and psychologically. This extreme regimen ensures that Army soldiers will be able to meet the physical demands of service and handle the mental stress of combat situations.

Where you are sent for Army BCT depends on the MOS (Military Occupational specialty) that you select when enlisting. Female inductees generally go to either Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, or Fort Jackson in South Carolina. Basic Combat Training follows a strict timeline that lasts nine weeks. Afterwards, the newly promoted Privates are transferred to an Advanced Individual Training (AIT) program where they further train in their MOS-specific skills.

US Army basic training includes physical fitness, military courtesy and regulations, tradition and history, grooming and uniform care, drilling, basic rifle marksmanship, introduction to US and foreign weapons, maintenance of weapons, hand to hand combat, first aid and more. Due to its difficulty, a great deal of satisfaction is derived by individuals who are able to complete basic training. It is considered a valuable experience by those who are able to see it through, and it provides unequaled preparation for service in the United States Army.

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