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Careers & Opportunities as an Army Officer

Soldiers in the United States Army are among the most highly training servicemen and women in the world. For such an advanced fighting force to function on the battlefield, it is critical that they have outstanding leaders who are able to handle the pressures of being in charge and are able to effectively lead their unit and achieve its objectives.

Army Officers rise up to this challenge and are some of the most skilled soldiers as well as great leaders. To become an officer in the US Army, you must endure a grueling training program. You must train in your selected Army profession (MOS) as well as in the skills revolving around good leadership. Whatever standards are expected of ordinary Army soldiers, you will be expected to exceed them.

There are a variety of occupations for Army Officers. Categories of these jobs include aviation, infantry, armor, air defense, field artillery, engineer corps, medical corps, military intelligence, and military police.

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