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The United
States Coast Guard

Likely the least known
of the United States
Armed Forces, the U.S.
Coast Guard is a force
to be reckoned with!
The Coast Guard enjoys
the reputation of the
oldest continuous seagoing
service in the United
States Military and
they hold primary responsibility
for tasks that provide
safety and security
for our nation’s shorelines
and waterways.

Other branches of the
military have one main
difference between themselves
and the Coast Guard
– in the Coast Guard
all job and career fields
are open to women as
well as men, and this
includes combat positions
too. Service members
of other branches of
the U.S. armed forces
with prior time served
are qualified to become
part of the United States
Coast Guard and are
encouraged to do so.

Enlisting with the
Coast Guard affords
many benefits to its
members such as educational
benefits and programs,
advancement and promotion,
life insurance, high
quality medical care,
competitive pay, vacation
time, career and job
training and much more.

Coast Guard boot camp
is similar to other
military boot camps
or basic training. It
lasts 8 weeks, is physically
demanding and you will
have to achieve the
basic mandatory requirements
to graduate.

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