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Marine Corps

About The US
Marine Corps

The United States Marine
Corps are responsible
for dealing with amphibious
missions that take advantage
of the Navy’s mobility
to administer and maintain
safety and security
for all Americans and
their interests around
the world.

Answering to the Department
of the Navy the USMC
was originated in 1775
as the Continental Marines.
Initially serving as
naval infantry, the
Marines took part in
the Revolutionary War
and have participated
in all military conflicts
that the U.S. has been
involved in since. Today
United States Marines
are known as the ruling
authority on amphibious
type missions.

The USMC also arranges
and maintains support
for the White House
and the State Department.
Marine guards serve
as protection for the
President at Camp David
and other presidential
retreats, offer piloted
helicopter transportation
to the President and
the Vice President,
and Marines implement
security details at
American embassies and
consulates all over
the globe.

New Marines attend
boot camp in either
San Diego, California,
or Parris Island, South
Carolina. Women are
required to attend basic
training at Parris Island
only. At 13 weeks long,
Boot Camp for the Marines
lasts the longest period
of time of all the branches
of the military and
is considered one of
the toughest.

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