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The Army National Guard is responsible for protecting Americans and their interests from both domestic threats and enemies abroad.
Guardsmen fulfill the unique mission of helping out their
neighbors and communities
during emergencies and
natural disasters in addition to their standard roles as US Army soldiers. The Guard is also unique in the fact that its units can be deployed by state governors to resolve local crises.

Most soldiers in the
National Guard are able
to serve near their
homes, but when deployed during
emergencies, natural
disasters, or missions abroad
during times of war, they
are likely to serve
almost anywhere in the

Service commitments
for the National Guard
are anywhere from three
to six years, and guardsmen
are eligible for the
same health and educational
benefits that their
active duty Army counterparts
participate. Some of
the benefits include
educational programs,
life insurance, health
insurance, a competitive
pay scale and much

After you enlist in the National Guard, you will attend Army Basic Combat Training the same as other soldiers then receive advanced training for your specific job. When not deployed, National Guardsmen convene with their units one weekend each month and for an annual two-week training exercise.

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