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The Navy Seals

The Navy Seals enjoy
the reputation of being
the top of their fields
of all Naval sailors
and officers. The Seals
name is an acronym that
signifies Sea, Air and
Land. The Seals are
a fighting force like
no other. They specialize
in uncommon methods
of warfare, counter
terrorism and special
reconnaissance missions.

Navy Seals volunteer
for duty and their training
is completed after normal
Navy training. In many
cases, sailors in the
Seal program find they
don’t have the ambition
to complete the training
under the tremendous
strain and physical
stress of typical Seal
training. Other Seal
trainees drop out of
Seal training due to
injuries sustained during
training, or due to
the inability to complete
certain tasks that must
be accomplished during
Seal training. Some
Seals attempt the Seal
training program more
than once before finally

Origins of the Navy
Seals dates back to
1942. Personnel were
needed for a special
mission during WWII
so members of both the
Army and Navy formed
a small group to train
specially for this mission.
Subsequently, other
special groups have
came into being especially
for unconventional missions
over the years, and
finally in 1966 we see
the first named Seal
team in action. From
there the Seals have
evolved into the Seals
we know today.

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