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There is no other job that compares to being an officer in the United States Army. Along with all the other benefits of being a US soldier, the leadership experience that comes with the job will prepare you to take on and task that is given to you – in the Army and in your post-military career in the civilian world. As an Army officer, you will be responsible for the lives of the soldiers in your unit, who will look up to you for leadership and direction.

There are three ways to become an officer in the United States Army:

Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC): The majority of Army officers have completed a ROTC course at one of the hundreds of colleges that offer such programs. These programs are designed to allow future officers to earn a four-year college degree while training for their commission. Upon their college graduation, the ROTC graduates will enter the Army as newly commissioned Second Lieutenants.

Officer Candidate School (OCS): This program is available for enlisted personnel who want to make the transition to a career as an Army officer. The training, which lasts for 12 weeks at Ft. Benning, Georgia, is very rigorous in order to make sure the candidates are capable of assuming the role of an officer.

US Military Academy at West Point: West Point is one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States. Cadets who attend this school are put through an intense four-year program from which they will graduate with college diplomas and the rank of Second Lieutenant. West Point graduates make up a small percentage of the officers in the US Army, but they carry a pride that few others possess.

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