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Have You Already
Served in a Branch of
Military Service?

Often, individuals
who have prior service
in the United States
armed forces find that
re-enlisting is the
path they wish to follow.
There is a wide range
of reasoning when dealing
with this issue, but
many realize that they
enjoyed and now miss
certain aspects of military
life that cannot be
found in civilian life.

As a former soldier
or sailor, there are
many opportunities available
to you in the US Army that first-time
recruits are not qualified
to receive. Many factors
have a bearing on just
exactly how many and
which of these programs
and bonuses you may
be eligible for, but
looking into continuing
your military career
might be well worth
your time.

How do I qualify
for Prior Service programs?

Qualification for Prior
Service programs in
the US armed forces
varies from branch to
branch, and varies also
according to the training
you received previously
and the Army job
you are seeking with
re-enlistment. You may
or may not be asked
to complete a new physical
and new ASVAB to determine your eligibility. There
may be other conditions
that must be met as

Can I change

Branches of the
United States military
typically accept applications
from former service
members coming to them
from another branch
of the military. Several
aspects of your prior
service record will
be considered as your
new branch finds a satisfactory
position in which to
place you. Prior military
experience is very desirable
and sought after, but
it is possible that
your previous military
career may not fill
any of the job slots
available in your new
branch of the military. The Army’s Blue To Green program offers great benefits for members of the Air Force and Navy who wish to become US Army soldiers.

Will I have
to repeat Basic Training?

Sometimes yes, sometimes
no. Many deciding factors
have a bearing on whether
or not you will have
to complete basic training
or boot camp again.
into a new branch of the
military, especially
if your new job will
differ from your old
job, means that chances are
high that you
will have to complete
basic training again. If
you are returning to
the branch that you
recently left, probably
not. Recruiters are
a good source of information
on this issue as well.

Will I keep
my current Paygrade?

Again this would depend
on different factors
surrounding your re-enlistment
and your previous job
description and training.
As with basic training
issues, the chances
are good that your pay
would remain close to
the same if you re-enlist
with the same branch
of the military and
are carrying out the
same duties. On the
other hand, should you
re-enlist with a new
branch of the military
and will be learning
a different job, you
may not draw the same
pay as before. A recruiter
would be able to address
these questions more specifically for

Will I keep
my military benefits?

Enlistment into a different
branch of the military
will not affect your
benefits and may in
fact make you eligible
for additional benefits!
The benefits you earned,
including medals, awards
and other qualifications
stay with you during
your service in the
armed forces. Accumulated
time in the military
goes toward your retirement
and GI Bill requirements.
In addition, any bonuses,
college funds, or other
incentives that prior
service afforded you
remain intact
during your time in
the service.

What do I do

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asked about prior service

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