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the United States Army

The United States Army
is a premier fighting
force known the world
over for the finest soldiers
and their superior training.
Exceptional personnel
and first rate equipment
work together to provide
exemplary protection for
Americans and to secure
its interests around the
globe.The US Army is the
largest branch of the
military in the United
States. They carry principal
responsibility for most
military land based
operations, and is thought
of by many to be the
most powerful branch
of the United States
military. With nearly
a half a million soldiers
serving in active duty,
a generous budget and
huge assemblage of the
most advanced equipment
available today, this
is no surprise.

The US Army’s origins
can be traced back to
1775 with the formation
of the Continental Army.
This organization was
established before the
United States had officially
become a sovereign nation
by Congress that was
in control at that time
to meet the needs of
the American Revolutionary
War that was currently
underway. After the
Revolutionary War ended
in 1784, Congress formed
the United States Army
to replace the Continental
Army. Since the present
day Army evolved from
the Contitnental Army,
they consider the date
of origination to be
1775, rather than 1784.

In the Army there are
three main elements:
Active Duty (regular
army), The Army National
Guard and The Army Reserves
(both of which are reserve
components). Both National
Guard and the Reserves
are comprised of part
time soldiers. These
part time soldiers train
one time per month throughout
the year, and then serve
for an additional two
to three weeks per year.

Any member of the US
Army is officially classified
as a Soldier. Soldiers
who enlist in the United
States Army display
the utmost in physical
and emotional strength.
They fulfill service
to our country by being
ready for combat or
other missions wherever
they are needed at a
second’s notice. Army
soldiers are prepared
at all times, and have
a strong sense of purpose
that enables them to
perform at the highlest
levels possible.

Today the Army has
bases and facilities
all over the world,
and they enjoy a stellar
reputation as a premier
fighting force.

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