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5 Branches
Of The US Military –
Which Do You Like?

In the US Military,
there are five main
branches. They are the
US Army, the US Navy,
the US Air Force, the
US Marine Corps, and
the US Coast Guard.
All but the Coast Guard
fall under the management
of the Department of
Defense. The Department
of Homeland Security
now runs the Coast Guard but plays just-as-vital role in defending our country from international threats.

All of the US armed
forces are uniformed,
are armed, observe ranking
systems and other such
details that make them
all similar to one another
while the objectives
and primary focus of
each branch make them
quite different.

The Army is tasked with the primary
repsonsibility for land
combat. With separate
divisions for Active
duty Army, Army Reserves
and the Army National
Guard, all three carry
out federally mandated
missions and are deployed
all around the world,
while the National Guard
also performs domestic
responsibilities at
home in the US. The Army is the largest branch of the United States military.

The USMC (United States
Marine Corps
) is very
similar in its responsibilities
to the Army, but the
Marines specialize in
special-needs missions
as well as other objectives
that must be performed
under extraordinary
circumstances. The Marines
often work very closely
with the Navy to achieve
these objectives, but
have their own ground,
air, and seaborne support
forces as well. The
Marine Corps also has reserve
units as well.

The United States Navy
handles the majority
of seaborne operations
for the US Military.
The Navy has a long
and rich history and
has been an integral
part of the armed forces
since its founding in 1775.
The US Navy also has
Reserve units in addition
to regular active duty

The USAF (Unites States
Air Force
) is the younger
of the US Military forces
with its originations
dating back only to
WWI and WWII. The Air
Force is primarily responsible
for airborne operations
and has the most aircraft
of the service branches.
As with the other branches,
the Air Force has reserves
as well as the Air National

The United States Coast
Guard is the smallest
in size of the US armed
forces, but it is one of
the busiest! As one
of the primary defenders
of our homeland shores
and borders, the Coast
Guard fulfills a crucial
role in the military
operations of our country.
There is a huge array
of jobs and tasks that
the Coast Guard carries
out including search
and rescue, law enforcement
of borders and shorelines,
inspections of ships
and their cargo and
much more.

There is much to consider
when deciding which
branch of the military
to devote yourself to.
All of them have their
benefits and advantages
that make them unique
from the others. No
mater which branch you
decide to join, the
US Armed Forces is a
great career choice.

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